The Cultural Project talks to Gabrielle Ekedal about her magical store Gypsy Honeymoon

The antique stores in San Francisco fascinate me – walking through their doors is like travelling back in time. Gypsy Honey Moon on 1266 Valencia St is especially enchanting. I could not resist asking the owner Gabrielle Ekedal about the magical world in which she works.

How would you describe your store?

Gypsy Honey Moon is an antique store showcasing a whole range of amazing objects. Whether it is a table from the late seventeen hundreds or simply a table made to look like it is from the seventeen hundreds, each particular piece has a story to tell. The space is full of beautiful things and the shop reflects this, it is both serene and authentic.

Have you always had a passion for collecting antiques?

I have always had a very primal connection to old objects, I have gravitated towards them all my life. I am still learning about antiques, I have had no formal training, so much of my knowledge has come from a love of each object and wanting to know the stories they hold. Much of the time an antique will tell its own story, you just have to look at it, but sometimes it isn’t so obvious. Sometimes you have to use your imagination.

Where do you find the majority of your antiques?

They are from all over the world: England, France, Africa, China, Argentina, Mexico and of course, America. I used to travel a lot but not so much these days. I would like to do more but I find objects from a variety of sources: a combination of people who come here to sell, or by going out and hunting myself – from auctions to flee markets.

Do you have a favourite period of antiquity?

I respond to the natural design of the art nouveaux period, which includes the BelleÉpoque and the early twenties. The pre-Christian and Bloomsbury eras also fascinate me.

One thought on “The Cultural Project talks to Gabrielle Ekedal about her magical store Gypsy Honeymoon

  1. .I love this! Thank you for inspires my idea of getting the closet gallery involved in stores..It is amazing to mix objects and contexts! »

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