Interview with illustrator Rosanna Morris

Why do you often choose the human form for the subjects of your drawings?

I find inspiration from old pictures, old characters from another age and real people? I enjoy drawing people who live very simple lives. I like the idea of something humble coming through my work, something relaxed and removed from technology. I don’t want anything synthetic to ever come across in my drawing. Creating a natural atmosphere amid natural surroundings is what I set out to achieve.

There is a natural simplicity to your artwork – is there a particular message you wish to purvey?

The people I draw are often isolated in the image and this is no coincidence. I think it is important that the viewer uses their own imagination so that they may convey their own meaning of what is going on, I purposefully create a little mystery. But the message I am pushing is that we do not need the abundance of technology we currently have around us. Being surrounded by nature, living a humble existence on a farm or such like, can bring far more happiness.

Which artists inspire you the most?

I like women artists mainly. I love Kiki Smith. Her sculptures focus on the human body and her work is very primitive.

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